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Til the radio plays something familiar ...

Today someone asked me what I would consider the five albums that every hipster should own. I ran home, looked through my iTunes library, was totally unable to narrow it down to five, so I split it up into three categories:

Top 5 albums that anyone and everyone, hipster or not, should own
1) Let It Be--the Beatles
2) Blood on the Tracks--Bob Dylan
3) Sticky Fingers--the Rolling Stones
4) London Calling--the Clash
5) The Velvet Underground and Nico--Velvet Underground and Nico (obviously)

Top 5 historical* albums that every hipster should own (Okay, I'm slightly ashamed to be using the word "hipster" in a positive context, so let's just say that these are albums that everyone who wishes to consider him/herself well informed about music should own.)
1) Surfer Rosa--the Pixies
2) The Queen is Dead--the Smiths
3) Horses--Patti Smith
4) Pink Moon--Nick Drake
5) Psychocandy--the Jesus & Mary Chain

Top 5 current albums that every hipster/well informed person should own
1) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot--Wilco
2) If You're Feeling Sinister--Belle & Sebastian
3) Dig Me Out--Sleater-Kinney
4) Rid of Me--PJ Harvey
5) Either/Or--Elliott Smith

*"Historical" isn't the right word, but I can't think of the right word. The distinction to me is that the historical albums have already proven their influence and staying power, while current albums, while clearly awesome musically, may not prove to be that important in the grand scheme of things.

So if you can condense your list to five albums, damn good for you. Otherwise, let me know what your top five in each subcategory are.
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i own them all except Psychocandy, If You're Feeling Sinister and Dig Me Out. ill get the some day =P.
Surfer Rosa (and the rest of the Pixies discography, for that matter) is overrated in my opinion.

Top5 Current "Hipster" albums:
1) Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary
2) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
3) The Arcade Fire - Funeral
4) Polyphonic Spree/Elliot Smith - Thumbsucker Soundtrack
5) Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

Top5 Historical "Hipster" albums:
1) Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
2) The Notwist - Neon Golden
3) Boards Of Canada - Music Has The Rights To Children
4) Gang Of Four - Entertainment!
5) Joy Divison - Substance
Illinois and In the Aeroplane Over the Sea were both close to making my lists.
And I'd say Abbey Road is more essential than Let It Be, but that's just me.
And me. Abbey Road is untouchable.
Choosing between them is tough, I admit.
i'd add "slanted and enchanted" by pavement to the "historical hipster" albums. maybe even "wowee zoweee"

I really like Wowee Zowee, it's probably my favorite Pavement album.
Top 5 historical* albums that every hipster should own
1) Doolittle--the Pixies
2) Unknown Pleasures--Joy Division
3) Stop Making Sense--The Talking Heads
4) Tommy--The Who
5) The Velvet Underground--The Velvet Underground

Top 5 current albums that every hipster/well informed person should own
1) Talkie Walkie--Air
2) Chrominance Decorder--April March
3) 3 E.P.'s--The Beta Band
4) Go Sailor--Go Sailor
5) Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots--The Flaming Lips (could I get away without naming this one? Oh so close).

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Er, well, it's a totally pretentious word to apply to oneself, but I couldn't think of a better one.
In this context, I pretty much just want "hipster" to mean anyone who takes their music seriously, takes being informed about music seriously, and keeps up with current non-mainstream music.